1. C

    Heatslave 12/18 (2018)

    My oil combi Heatslave keeps locking out. Code 9f I have oil and filters are new. Any ideas anyone ? It’s firing but won’t stay on for more than 10 mins a time.
  2. J

    Worcester Bosch HeatSlave 20/25 HW but no CH

    Hi, hoping there's someone here who can help! Background: I have recently moved and inherited a Worcester Bosch HeatSlave 20/25 oil combi. It played up within 2 weeks of moving in, and I've had an engineer out to fix it - about 6 times! Several things were replaced, and the heating system has...
  3. S

    Heatslave 15/19 oil boiler - intermittent lockout issue

    Hello I am hoping someone can help. We are having issues with our boiler. When we are just using the boiler for hot water there are no lockout issues at all. However, when the heating is in use it the boiler will lockout around 30-60 minutes after the heating has come on (it can sometimes...
  4. R

    Boiler won't output DHW & CH at the same time.

    Info: Worcester Greenstar Heatslave Drayton MA1 Mid Position Valve Actuator Summary: Had to replace the valve actuator as the old one was sticking. Wired up the new one with the same pinout as the original. Tested but got the following failed outcome; Off = DHW Water On = DHW Heating On = CH +...
  5. M

    Worcester Heatslave 20-25 - misbehaving!

    Hi experts. Well my old heatslave 20-25 has been running fine for ages. I thought how well it was doing just last week but it must have been reading my mind as this week it's decided to present me with some behaviour that I have not come across before. Turn the heating or hot water on and...
  6. M

    Worcester Heatslave 12/14 B9 Burner - locks out straight away

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help? I have a B9 burner unit that locks out straight away, (just a faint hum from the unit then orange light comes on ) if I take the burner out and take cover off motor and spin with a srewdriver put burner back in it will fire up as normal. When I turn the motor...
  7. A

    Worcester Heat Slave 12/14 Problems

    Hi I have the above oil fired Central Heat/Water heating system. I get it serviced each year but it is not due again for another 6 months so hoped someone could give some help on the following. I am an Engineer so capable to handle moderate DIY jobs and have fixed problems on the boiler before...
  8. M

    worcester heatslave 12/14 intermittent lockout

    Hi I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction for troubleshooting? I have a 12 year old worcester heatslave 12/14 combi that keeps locking out after 5 minuets, after leaving it for another 5 minuets if i hit the lockout reset it will run again for a while then go back into lockout...
  9. A

    Worcester Heatslave 20/25 no ignition

    Hi all, Our boiler packed up yesterday. Timer comes on, runs for a few seconds and then lockout. As far as I can tell, there's no attempt at ignition. I can hear the click from the controller after the fan has been running for a few seconds (which I assume is the signal to the ignition...
  10. A

    Greenstar Heatslave II 18/25 won’t re-light

    I ran out of oil last night luckily managed to get 140litres delivered earlier but it is showing the same lock out code even after resetting. I am sure it needs bleeding but after removing the boiler lid I have not got a clue where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. B

    Connecting Hive to water controls on combi

    Hi, I have a Worcester Bosch Heatslave 12/14 Oil Boiler. The unit has controls on the front that control both the water timer / advance and the heating timer / advance. I bought a Hive system and have successfully connected to the heating side of the boiler. I am not sure how I connect the...
  12. B

    Heatslave tf832.3 control box burnout

    Hello all, Summary Burnt out TF832.3 control unit - what could cause it? Now Solved Had the boys in to do a full shake-down and service. Sadly there were multiple issues including iffy solenoid, knackered diverter valve and actuator, slightly gummed jet and a possibly senile timer. Gutted...
  13. cristianoco824

    Worcester Greenstar Heatslave 18/25 lockout light on

    Hi everyone. Last week I ran out of oil and I noticed the lockout light is on on the boiler. Ordered new oil which came 3 days later,but in the meantime I have turned off the boiler and the water pressure went down to 0. So, I tried to restart the boiler but no luck.After reading some advice on...
  14. M

    Worcester Heatslave 12 / 14 constant lockout, not firing

    Hi all, My heatslave keeps going to lockout :( can i ask whats the most likey cause? It makes all the usual noises apart from like a wind noise before firing up, and of course no ignition firing up too, i can hear water running through the system, biler clicks when i turn tap on, oil in tank...
  15. M

    Worcester Heatslave Highflow (bf) pilot not staying lit

    I had a problem with water leaking out of the Automatic Air Vent. Skip forward 2 nightmare days or leaks at the air vent , at then at the drain cock, and the system is now refilled and not leaking, however the pilot won't stay alight. When I drained down the system I only vented the first...