hip to gable permitted development

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    Changing flat roofed extension to pitched for loft space (bungalow)

    Hi, We are in the process of buying a detached corner plot bungalow which has a fairly substantial flat roofed extension which was constructed under permitted development. I would like to do a loft conversion involving a hip to gable over the current flat roof of the extension. This would (I...
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    Hip to gable question

    Hello all.. I'm researching a loft conversion under permitted development for a semi. By my calculations a hip to gable and a dormer exceed the 50 cubic m volume allowed. What I'm trying to find out is whether a hip to half hip (clipped gable, jerkinhead) roof is still allowed under...
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    Gable wall in timber frame and render on external side. Advise on materials to use

    I have to convert my roof from hip to gable and builder advise to make the wall in timber instead of block work as this would be lighter and avoid issue of sticking the insulated plasterboard on the internal side which is very expensive. I came across this detail which was discussed many years...
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    Loft conversion with existing two storey side extension

    Hi, just looking for some advice on permitted development rules and how they apply to a previously extended property. I am looking at doing a hip to gable loft conversion with a rear dormer. The house is a 1930s semi and has already had a two storey side extension with the roof on the extension...
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    Hip to Gablensure over existing 2 storey extension

    Hi there, New to this forum, after some advice regarding a hip to gable with a dormer loft conversion. My house has a 2 storey side extension which currently has a flat roof. I have planning permission to add a roof over the side extension, but at the same time I'd like to have a loft...
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    Side extension with planning permission & roof with Permitted development?

    Hello I am applying for planning permission to put a side extension on the side of my house. However the roof has a hip end and is an end of terrace. I would like to change to end to gable on the new extension and put a dormer in the back. This is something that would be allowed under...