hive thermostat

  1. E

    Hive Install to Ideal Logic Combo 30

    Hi All, Having some trouble getting my new Hive thermostat to control my boiler. I have an Ideal Logic 30 and have install a 5 core into the Hive receiver and ran the L,N&E into the boiler supply. I've then ran cables from the common (1) & Heating on (3) into the thermostat connection in the...
  2. Chrissyy

    Hive Mini Ideal Vogue Boiler

    Hello, first post so be nice. This has probably been posted a million times before but I cannot find what I'm looking for. I have got a Ideal Vogue C26 Gen2 boiler and just purchased a Hive mini thermostat. I have seen a post with the wiring and videos on YouTube however when I have...
  3. D

    HIVE Multizone

    Hello Can someone clear this up for me please, Is it just the name or what? If you have two or more heating zones in a property, you will need: Zone 1: Hive Hub connected to a receiver paired to its thermostat. Zone 2: Hive receiver connected to a receiver paired to its thermostat. Once...