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    Removing Siemens rcr/10/433 receiver unit when installing hive

    Hi all, Looked extensively but can't find a definitive answer to this. Existing system is Worcester Bosch 30cdi boiler with potterton ep6002 controller and Siemens rdh10rf wireless roomstat ( and accompanying receiver unit rcr10/433-gb). I am installing the Hive 2 ( water and heating) to...
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    Siemens thermostat to Hive Active Heating wiring help

    Hello, We just moved into a new house that has a Siemens therm installed on a Glow worm combi boiler. It works fine but I find it really complicated to programme so want to switch to a Hive as the prices are down for 'black Friday' sales. Before I install I just want to doublecheck the wiring...
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    Honeywell Analog stat, UP2 Programmer and Ideal Conventional Boiler to Hive

    Hi all hoping you guys can help and apologies if I ask any obvious questions or what's been asked before. I have an ideal conventional boiler with a Honeywell Analog stat, a hot water tank upstairs with a UP2 British gas programmer by the tank. Bought a Hive 2 and the electrician has replaced...