honeywell t6360b

  1. vuhuynh

    Replacing Honeywell T6360 with T3R wireless

    Hi everyone, I'm using the room thermostat T6360 and I want to upgrade to the wireless thermostat T3R. But, afterwiring it doesn't work. Current wiring: Blue - L Brown - N Yellow/green - E I'm using this wiring diagram for T3R: Blue - L Brown - N Yellow - E No wiring for A-B-C terminals...
  2. S

    What is the best modulating smart heating system?

    Ive opened a can of worms by researching the heating system for our refurbishment. We are having a central heating system installed. The proposed boiler is a Vaillant ecoFIT pure (think 618 but not definite). The heating will have 3 underfloor heating circuits for two zones. Builder intends...