1. Auric

    Do I need cooker hood side vent if ducted?

    Hey all Had a neff cooker hood installed which is ducted to exhaust outside. It's quite high up the wall with low ceilings so the stainless steel casing needs cutting down to around 40cm. Our electrician is saying we need to use the bit with the side vents, but I don't think we need the side...
  2. M

    Cooker circuit in kitchen refit by cowboy kitchen fitter and electrician

    Hi, I would like to give thanks to every member of this forum, I have been watching and read upon many posts for the past few years and have learned a lot. I apologize in advance but I would very much like some advice on electrical work which has been completely messed up by a cowboy kitchen...
  3. T

    Recirculating extractor hood over gas hob - permitted?

    Hi not sure if this is gas regs, electricity regs or building regs, so... I want to install a recirculating extractor hood in a cabinet over a gas hob. I am aware of the requirement for 750mm height clearance, but one article I found also said that you aren't allowed to use the RECIRCULATING...
  4. cwhaley

    Extractor Fan Solution

    As you'll see from the below pictures, my cooking hob has an extractor fan. What the kitchen installers failed to do (before I owned the house) was to install a pipe and a vent from the extractor fan hood. This obviously leads to undesirable problems when cooking, more noticeably in the winter...
  5. S

    Kitchen Hood duct

    In our kitchen there is a fan extractor on the ceiling that is connected to outside. There is nothing above the cooker. No hood at all. Just a fan in the ceiling to extract fumes. A nightmare really. We did buy circulatory hood with charcoal filter which is useless basically. Definitely need a...
  6. J

    Extractor Hood Ducting and Building Regs

    Hello all, I have tried searching for this everywhere but cant find the answer. I wanted to know if, according to building regs, the cooker hood ducting has to go out of the nearest external wall? I plan on having an extractor hood with an external motor so instead of it coming out of the...