ignition problem

  1. eveares

    Brigs & Stratton Lawnmower engine won't stop!

    I have a self propelled petrol mount-field lawnmower that I have had since 2004, and for the first time last week it would not stop when the throttle was let go. I had to push the throttle cable in by hand very hard to just about stop it. At first I thought it stops by friction from the pad...
  2. S

    Worcester Bosch 240 boiler pilot ignition sparks, but will not light - lights manually

    Hi, I have a Worcester Bosch 240 boiler. The pilot ignition sparks, but will not light the gas when following the correct relight process. I removed the front cover (screwed on protective cover) and I was able to light the pilot light manually with a flame, using the pilot ignition at the...
  3. E

    Potterton promax store 115i

    Hi my potterton promax HE115i won't fire up, just stopped yesterday, I've checked the house gas and the hob is working fine, I've turned the house thermostat to max and the programmer setting on the boiler are correct, the pressure is fine, there are no error codes but it won't fire up, I reset...
  4. Fisher1980

    Glow Worm Ulitmate Not Working - Help!

    Afternoon All, So as winter get ever closer, It would seem our heating would pack up ! Such is life. The issue we are having is thus: The boiler refuses to light, often starting and stopping the fan and not progressing to ignition. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Chris