joist span

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    Uprating Existing Loft Conversion

    Hi Everybody, I'm in the planning stages of upgrading an already converted loft (pre-regs, very little insulation etc) so that I can legally class it as a bedroom. I've paid the fee to Building Control and the surveyor has made their initial visit. I'll be using SuperQuilt for the insulation...
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    Chimney breast removal and joists exposured

    Hi all. I'm new here, please go easy on me. I need you all the chippys, architect and builders advice on board and ASAP. I've removed my chimney breast walls from top to bottom. I'm now left in the bedrooms with exposed Joists, which are 7x3 timber and 5 metres long. I was hoping, is it...
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    Tiling floor on sistered joists - Advice needed

    Hi All, I am doing up our new but 50 year old dormer bungalow and need some advice on the floors. The upstairs floor is sagging and appears to have undersized joists (16" centres, ~5.2m span, 2x7" joists). To complicate matters, the area is divided by two partition walls (bathroom and...
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    Loft Conversion joist question.

    I'm currently in the process of converting my loft in to a 4th bedroom. I've replaced the joists with 7x3" C16 spaced 400 apart. The majority of these are supported by a supporting wall running through 3/4 of the middle of the property. My question is: Can I use two non supporting walls...