kitchen tap

  1. R

    JTP vs Harbour - any views?

    Looking at pull out kitchen taps. Narrowed it down to these two. Any advice on brand quality? Or does anyone have any experience with them?... JTP Vos Harbour Acclaim Thanks
  2. stripat

    Replacing Kitchen Tap Spout

    Hi, I have a kitchen tap with a corroded spout which was taped to prevent leaking. Now I got a new spout from rangemaster ( free replacement) but can't seem to pull out the old spout fully from the base of the tap. There is no screw at the back. I am attaching two pictur s, 1. New spout and 2...
  3. T

    Can I get a kitchen drinking water tap with just mains cold water

    I am refurbishing my house and will be installing a water softener (probably from BWT). I however wanted a tap in the kitchen for just drinking water that is direct from mains with no hot water (like outdoor garden taps) Are there good brand slim/compact taps available that take in just mains...
  4. Scoop-20

    Kitchen Tap - Leaking/Cheap Fix?

    Our kitchen tap is leaking. It's a mixer tap and it's just the hot tap that has the problem. It's also very hard to turn it off. I'm guessing a rubber seal has perished inside. The cheapest new tap of the same kind I can find is £55. Should I go ahead and buy one of these or call the...
  5. M

    Caravan water tap tails, conversion

    Can anyone offer up what connector I need, to connect these new braided tap tails to the current supply pipes pictured? I’m binning a faulty tap and replacing with a normal kitchen tap.
  6. Paolo M

    Kitchen Mains fed from tank?

    Hi there moved into a new build. Have always wondered why the cold tap in the kitchen seems to feed water that is not very cold (Even when ran for a good few mins) Realised today that when I run the cold tap , a pump beside a tank in the attic activates which makes me think it’s feeding water...
  7. P

    Leaking kitchen tap

    Hi, My kitchen tap is about 11 years old and recently I have noticed minor leaks when I use it on full power from the top of it. I think I will probably need to replace the O ring to fix it but I am having difficulty working out how to access it. I have uncovered the little hole but can not...
  8. S

    Leaking kitchen tap

    Hi, I previously posted about not being able to get ceramic valves off my tap to change, but finally managed to. I was told previously on here to buy a new one but I’m going to win this fight and not give in.;) I’ve attached a picture of the neck of the tap and the screw cap. I’m going to...