kitchen unit

  1. nbellyjnr

    B&Q Kitchen Cupboard Unit Support

    Hoping someone can help with their opinion on this. We have had endless issues with B&Q appointed fitters. We initially had fitters that had been chucked off the job (by B&Q) because they didn’t know what they were doing - they had fitted cupboard units to the back wall. We were then given new...
  2. Elszeus

    Removing Brick Tiled Skirting Board

    Renovating a 1950s house, and behind the kitchen cabinets seems to be this Brick tiles skirting board. It looks to be dot and dabbed to the brick directly, so am I okay to remove it? I just dont need the skirting as its too high for the plinth of the new kitchen units.
  3. leaf17

    Fitting kitchen around a pillar

    Hi all, Just started fitting our new units from DIY Kitchens. There's a pillar that comes out of the wall by 11cm and is 66cm wide. I'll have to cut out the back of 3 units to accommodate the pillar. Not too worried about the tall unit and base unit, but not sure how to deal with the wall unit...
  4. E

    Create hole in kitchen unit side for washer waste pipe

    Hi, I need to create a new hole for my washing machine waste pipe as it currently gets squashed by the built in dishwasher next to it. In photo attached current pipe goes through hole at the top and you can see is squashed. I need a hole like the lower one to feed the waste pipe through as I...
  5. C

    Upgrading kitchen units

    Hi all, I am a first-time buyer, so first-time home improver! Hopefully this is the right forum for this post... The house I am purchasing has a kitchen that I would like to 'upgrade' - but upgrade it cheaply (i.e not replace the entire thing). Do you guys have any suggestions how to improve...