knots wood paint

  1. R

    How to cover these knots on bannisters

    So I had all these knots bleeding through white gloss on my bannisters. I stripped the paint off the knots with paintstripper, scrubbed them with a curly steel scourer a bit and washed them off. I’m planning to paint it all goosewing grey satinwood. I was going to sand the gloss first to...
  2. R

    How to paint over knots

    So I have a staircase that is painted in yellowing white gloss, and covered in stains where knots have come through. I am planning to paint it with grey Dulux Satinwood which is oil based. How should I get rid of these knot stains for good before I paint over them? I heard Zissner B-I-N is good...
  3. C

    Painting stained pine doors

    Hi all, I've started a DIY job at home and I already regret it! Could use your expert views. I've got Sikkens wood stained internal pine doors/architraves and the Misses now wants the architrave/door stop painted white (the doors will remain stained). The doors/architraves are about 10 years...
  4. norbellini

    using acrylic paint over wood knots

    I have a fire surround to paint in white Using good quality acrylic wood primeras a first coat The surround was previously Polyurethane varniished I have machine sanded back to wood but have three knots that that i am worried about They a re not bleeding or sticky any suggestions thanks