lathe plaster

  1. J

    Repairing/replacing/covering a lath and plaster ceiling

    We recently bought a house, currently unoccupied, and we just removed the wooden ceiling in one room to reveal a layer of insulation, and under that a damaged lath and plaster ceiling: There are quite a few spots where the ceiling is damaged. I assume the damage occured before they put up...
  2. S


    Hello I have had the artex ceiling removed by an asbestos contractor. See photo Should/ can I remove the lathes on the ceiling in preparation for a plasterboard ceiling. Should I point the walls before plastering
  3. J

    Asbestos in lathe ceiling?

    House was built between 1911 and 1926. Majority of the ceilings are original plaster lathe. Survey has suggested these, the ceiling coving and walls be tested for asbestos. I chatted with the surveyor, who said he saw no evidence of, or, anything to suggest asbestos, however, prudent to test...
  4. T

    Overboarding lath and plaster ceiling + install new downlights

    Hi all, I live in a Victorian semi with original lath and plaster ceilings. They are a bit discoloured and cracked, but nothing major and still flat. They look tired though and I'm planning to overboard, skim and re-paint them. I've considered pulling them down but the house is fully furnished...
  5. W

    Insulated plasterboard over Lathe and Plaster?

    I have a traditional tenement flat in Edinburgh built around 1880. I'm on the top floor and the back half of the flat is under a flat roof. The construction of the roof is: [outside] [roofing felt] [sarking boards] [30cm air gap] [lathe and plaster] [inside] I want an easy way improve the...
  6. B

    floorboard renovation

    I have an 1800's cottage and have to put new floors in the attic room. Elm joists and am replacing square edge floorboards. The ceiling below is lath and plaster. I am debating whether I can use clout nails and hammer in, or whether it is more sensible to use a nail gun. Aesthetically the cloud...
  7. C

    Lath & plaster ceiling & cornice - repair and paint in old Victorian house

    Hi all, I have a lath & plaster cracked ceiling repair to do and I need some advice on how to best tackle this problem. The cracks extend to the cornice as well, so those cracks need to be filled, made good and painted as well. Originally, the hall ceiling was covered with woodchip wallpaper. I...
  8. fatmcgav

    Removing Lathe and Plaster wall

    Afternoon all... I'm in the process of renovating our master bedroom in advance of baby #2 arriving. As part of that, I've stripped all the walls back to plaster, as there was 3 or 4 layers or paper/paint in places... Unfortunately, that has unearthed what feels like some pretty warn out...
  9. C

    Damaged Lath and Plaster Ceiling

    We are currently refurbishing our bathroom and installing a new suspended plasterboard ceiling to replace a suspended tongue & groove ceiling. When removing the t&g ceiling this evening, I noticed that the old lath & plaster ceiling above has a large hole in the plaster, about 50 x 80cm...
  10. P

    Lath and plaster ceiling question

    Hi All, DIY'er here! I plan to take down a knackered L&P ceiling where its already sagging quite badly. My question the laths all need to come down too? I'm assuming that as the plaster is already detached from the laths, it will come down easy peasy leaving the laths in place...
  11. ritchieee

    I'm sorry... another suspended floor insulation question!

    Hi folks. I've got an 1840s Georgian terraced house. The living room is blinking cold this time of year! I guess it's caused by draught, so I'm looking to insulate under the suspended floor boards. There are millions of posts on this and I've looked through a good chunk, receiving different...