1. Fishwalker

    Can you dot and dab plasterboard onto lath and stud walls

  2. Fishwalker

    What to do with our lath landing ceiling as having trouble hiring a tradesperson to fix up a new one

    Hi. So some of you may have seen my other posts on our hallway rennovation of our 1920s semi. Well it's been back to brick and laths for a couple of months now and we are not getting anywhere! I had to let our agreed builder go, before he put it back together, as I learnt that it had lime...
  3. robodelfy

    Laths, plaster, plasterboard then tiles!? What to do

    Hi I need to get all the tiles off one wall of my tiled bathroom. Behind the tiles is plasterboard, then old plaster, then laths. They just kept layering it up! I'm struggling to just get the tiles and plasterboard off without the plaster coming too. I just need to do it as easily and quickly...