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    How to increase mowing speed on small lawns

    My garden is split into three lawns, approximately 50 m² each and split on differently levels requiring moving the mower down steps between them. I'm currently using a small old electric hovering Flymo (30 cm blade, 1150 W motor) which does seem an appropriate tool given the limitations, it is...
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    Technical/legal question - New building regs

    New building regulations came into force in June 2022, via Approved Document L. Paragraphs 4.16-4-17 in L1(a) concerns the ‘continuity of insulation’ in new dwellings, with requirements for insulation to be unbroken and consistent. New dwellings also have U value requirements under paragraph...
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    Law on ownership - Slabs going to tip

    Hello This is going to be a very bizarre question. A neighbour of mine was getting a gardener to replace a patio with a new one. The gardener was smashing up the slabs so put them in the back of his van. I asked the gardener if I can have the slabs. He send yes, he'll stack them up for me...
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    Curious Planning Laws for Fences, Trellis and Pergolas?

    Hello I've been reading about the planning laws for fences, trellis and pergolas and just wondered if I am understanding this right... At the moment I have a 6 foot garden fence and for privacy have attached a 1 foot trellis to the top. Strictly speaking this is not within planning laws since...