1. MjFoster

    Neighbors guttering lets out on my roof

    Hey, not sure if this was the correct place to ask this, but I've noticed that our neighbors guttering let's out over our roof just above the down pipe for our guttering. Is that legal? I only ask as with heavy rain recently we've had water coming in through the window and frame just where our...
  2. H

    Shower repair - solenoid coil replaced, now leaks.

    Hi all - i have a mira sprint electric shower. A week or two ago it stopped working, had power, but no water. After some research i found that a faulty solenoid coil could be a sensible place to start. I ordered the part from Mira, and fitted it and was very happy as water flowed again...
  3. P

    Toilet ballcock valve leak

    Hi all! Just a quick one, my toilet cistern has a leak from the water inlet valve into the ballcock (picture attached). Is it the ballcock I would need to replace, the valve or both? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  4. C

    Damp / water pooling in basement

    Hi - old house , semi, cellars , in town with lots of hills . Water pooling on basement floor after it rains . One part of the wall only at front of house , external wall adjacent to a path down the side of house. Path paved as is front garden .Happens when it rains . Generally always damp at...
  5. M

    Boiler losing pressure but can’t find leak!!

    Hi, We’ve had an issue with the boiler losing pressure that needs refilling once a week. We’ve had 3 different leak detection companies and they could never find a leak. We’ve had multiple boiler engineers and they can never find an issue with the boiler. Recently, a gas engineer suggested...
  6. D

    "Dripping" noise from new Vitra concealed cistern.

    Hi all, Baffled me this one. Just installed a new Vitra concealed cistern. Luckily not boarded up yet. Constant dripping noise which I've located to be dripping past the flush valve into the pan water (arrow on image). It's one loud drip about every 20 seconds. Assumption is that the flush...
  7. P

    Leak from bottom of astragal bar in outward opening uPVC French door

    Leaky astragal by phoenixw posted 14 Feb 2022 at 8:14 PM We have an outward opening uPVC French door that has a leak from the bottom end cap of the bar between doors. The drainage in the frame seems to be working fine and there's very little in there even after a heavy day like today! Any...
  8. C

    Serious water damage - looking for source

    Hi all, We're battling serious water damage on the second-floor front wall of our Victorian semi (pic 1). There are no visible issues on the exterior. The previous owners advised that it was caused by an unresolved roof leak. They finally got the front re-roofed but didn't repair the damage...
  9. Y

    Tap indice won't come off

    Hi guys, I am having trouble with a tap that runs even when stopped. I know it is the cold side by using the isolator valves. I have removed the lever from the tap handle, and then unscrewed the shroud which then allowed me to access the cartridge which I unscrewed from the tap. However, I...
  10. A

    AEG dishwasher door tubes

    Hey, I’m looking for some help trying to understand the problem with my dishwasher. I have an AEG Proclean dishwasher and last night it stopped working with error i50.I’ve looked online and found that the problem might be with the pump, that there might be something in it. So today I today I...
  11. C

    Leak parapet or flashings

    Hi All, We bought a property and on moving in noticed a wet wall underneath a parapet (vendors painted over the issue). The leaking side has flashband over lead flashings which was done to in a poor attempt to solve the problem. There is also some cracks in the render. Pictures are attached...
  12. M

    Plaster around window showing surface water bottom corners

    Hi everyone, I recently had new upvc windows installed around my house. We have an issue in particular with the kitchen window. We notice more when it’s been raining that there is surface water in the bottom corners on the plaster around the window. I wipe it away and it comes back. When...
  13. E

    Radiator leak

    The bottom of my radiator has eroded and water keeps coming out and it’s leaking into downstairs, it’s the copper pipe that connects the radiator and goes under the floor boards. Is there any way I can stop the water coming out of it just for tonight until a plumber can come out in the morning
  14. E

    Leaking ballofix 15mm isolation valves query

    Had to repair toilet cistern water feed due to bodged pipe perforation "fix" (by plumber when the bathroom was installed many years ago) giving up the ghost. As it entailed replacing a section of pipe I thought it worthwhile putting in a 15mm ballofix isolation valve at the same time. I had...
  15. M

    Leak on pipe going into kitchen mixer tap

    Hello, This is my first post on here, basically today one of my shelves decided to partially fall and lob a heavy casserole pan onto the top of my kitchen tap. For some reason my tap has copper pipes going straight into it and not the usual flexible hoses. The pipe has cracked and it leaking...
  16. D

    Slow drip from shower thermostatic(?) valve

    Hello - please forgive me if I've used the wrong terminology! I have attached three images which show the location of this leak/drip. The shower is connected to the wall as shown - the knob on the left is to turn the shower on and the knob on the right is to control the temperature. Where the...
  17. R

    Bathroom leak

    We had a bathroom leak a week ago. An emergency plumber came out. He found that one of the plastic tap joints had been over-tightened. The copper ring caused a crack in the plastic joint. It had been like that for 10-11 years (since we bought the house). Thankfully we caught it while it was...
  18. T


    Hi I have a leak originating from the chimney when it is really hard, driving rain (only occurred twice in about 7mths so far). Its a semi Victorian house with the shared chimney on the party wall. The breast to the rear two rooms (grd and 1st) has been removed and there's a beam in the loft...
  19. S

    Isar HE 30 - O-ring for expansion vessel connection on pump

    Yes, we know it's an old boiler, yes we know it's overdue for replacement, but other than this one leak it's actually working fine. And no, I'm not touching anything gas related, this is a simple water leak issue. One of our lasses has an Isar 30, and a while ago it started leaking which was...
  20. Jayb75

    Grundfos UF pump connector weeping

    Hi. I have a Grundfos UF heating pump and it seems to be very slowly leaking around the connector over time then running down the back of the pump onto the floor. The nut looks to be about 50mm in size so was going to try nipping it up a bit with a wrench but it’s hard to get a grip with that...