1. E

    Dripping toilet at pan connector - short term fix?

    Our toilet is leaking (dripping) at pan connector/waste pipe when flushed. We are getting a full bathroom refit in May so need a short term fix in the meantime - can I just use sealant or is there something else we can do in the meantime?
  2. E

    Possible subsidence in new house

    Hello, we've recently moved into a Victorian mid-terrace house and have become concerned about the number and size of the cracks throughout the property. We had a level 3 survey done before we moved in and they didn't flag anything concerning but caveated that as usual so I don't fully trust...
  3. E

    Possible leak from soil pipe outside causing damp

    Hello, I’m looking for some advice.. we’ve recently moved into a new property and have noticed that the soil pipe external to the house is leaking every time the toilet is flushed. It’s partially covered by decking but we can see clearly above the part above decking and have tested it so we...
  4. A

    Bay window with lead roof leaking

    Hi, I have a bay window which appears to leak in heavy rain from the top frame - see pics which show droplets of water which have trickled down between the frame joint ( this joint is roughly where the mortar line is on the outside) and overnight it ends up leaving a huge pool of water on the...
  5. 0

    Conservatory drainage issue

    Hi, Our conservatory is leaking and its proving a challenge to figure out where its coming from. Where the external wall meets the conservatory there is an aluminum drainage channel. It seems to have a join there which I believe is where the leak is happening so I want to fix this first. I'm...
  6. G

    Leaking UPVC Conservatory Picture Window

    Good evening, I have a leaking window in a conservatory, it appears to be leaking out of the bottom left of the frame. I checked and there are no drainage or weep holes I think this is correct for non opening windows. I checked another non leaking frame and it also did not have any weep holes...
  7. T

    House oil being used up faster than before

    We have an issue with our oil tank that's driving me nuts! The oil is burning faster than it did this time last year and I cannot work out why this is happening. Our setup includes: - 2500 ltr oil tank with Apollo Ultrasonic meter reader - a Camray Quartet oil boiler which has dual zone...
  8. Petewxm

    glow worm hot water connection pipe, easy to replace?

    Hello, Can anyone help, I have a leak on my boiler, which looks like its coming from the nut on the hotwater connection pipe. My question is - Is it easy to replace, looks like one end just push fits and the other is just tighten the nut? Empty the system first? Thanks Pete
  9. S

    Radiator leaking

    Hi all, We found out a red little puddle under the radiator and I found the source. The radiator has been bleed so no air in it. 09 is a picture from the bottom of the radiator,14 is where the leak is coming from, the top of the radiator and 30 is to give a little bit more of context where it's...
  10. E

    Leaking Front Porch

    Hi all, I bought a home in March 2023 and noticed recently after heavy rain that the front entrance to the property is allowing water to enter above the front door. From the photos attached, I have shown the front door and the square shaped entrance. I have attached photos from the outside...
  11. L

    Fixing a damp issue on Chimney Breast

    I have posted this on roofing forum so apologies for repost. We have recently purchased a late Victorian end stone terrace property as our first home and are encountering lots of issues which is proving disheartening and costly! We were aware of damp issues in the upstairs bedroom on the...
  12. Auric

    Water dripping out of flue and into boiler - an easy fix for DIYer?

    Hi all I noticed water dripping from the bottom of my Vaillant combi boiler and found the source to be the base of the flue where it connects to the boiler (as in the photo below). I've sent pictures to the boiler installer but he's ghosting me. Is this something I can fix? Tighten up the...
  13. Jackwoodhouse18

    Condensation or leak in loft?

    Hi, Since moving into my house last year I’ve had a constant problem in the colder months with my felt being wet through on the underside and droplets of water dripping onto my insulation. I have had a gable vent fitted, lap vents installed, ridge vent fitted and the house already has vents in...
  14. C

    Garage roof repair

    hello! Could someone advise me on the best way to repair my garage roof. Flat roof. - felt with stones. The flashing into the gutter has worn, which is now allowing a small amount of water into the ply underneath. Looking for the best way to seal.
  15. VictorToute

    Leaking Roof. Water culminating around Velux

    Hi everyone, I noticed water dripping from the corner of my Velux roof window in my loft extension. I've read on this forum that water around Velux windows is common, but the leak might not be due to the window installation itself. However, I found a tear in the Velux flashing. Does anyone...
  16. C

    Traymate Shower Tray Drain Leak

    Hi, I have a a Traymate shower tray installed in my bathroom which seems to have started leaking. It has been installed for just under 5 years now but I have noticed a brown line on the ceiling underneath in my garage which would appear to be directly under the horizontal shower tray drain exit...
  17. A

    Damp joists in loft

    Hi all Hope you're well. I've just had my house re-roofed (new membrane, new battens , new thin edge sandtoft concrete tiles, and new dry ridge system). Following rain, the wooden rafters are getting damp in some areas (always the same recurring spots). When the rain stops and we have a dry...
  18. S

    Leak through bay lintel, and some cracks

    Hey folks. We've had issues with leaking around this bay before and had 2 different roofers out to do repairs in the last 2 years. The most recent being this repair to the valley, which I've never had much confidence in (the roofers seemed more interested in trying to sell us a new roof than...
  19. V

    Water coming in through window seals in summerhouse

    Rain is forecast for the next few days and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to try and stop it in the short term. I thought about spray sealant but that needs to be dry Because it is very windy also I cannot really lay anything against the silicone that is leaking. Are there any...
  20. V

    Water spurting out in cistern (see photo)

    Hello. I have a Giberit hidden cistern and I can always hear water trickling, especially loudly for 20 mins after the toilet is flushed. I can see water is spurting out of the screw bit as indicated in the photo. I’ve taken the screw cap off and washed it and cleaned all the gunk so it...