1. T

    Need help on RSJ condensation

    Hello, today I've seen some patches on plasterboards and it was getting wet without any leakage. Upon further investigation, condensation on steel beems were seen.. before plastering it over, please can someone recommend what it needs to be done? (Appreciate if you can give me a name or link to...
  2. S

    Leaking valve under sink

    Hi, novice here. Yesterday evening I discovered that a valve underneath my kitchen sink is leaking. To give an idea of the leakage rate, I dried off the valve and the area underneath it last night, and a puddle a couple of inches wide formed over 12 hours or so. I've attached a couple of...
  3. R

    Leaking CH drain

    Opened our CH drain to drain the system and now it won't fully close. I've fitted a new drain elsewhere on system so happy to bung this old one up, any tips? Photo from before I opened it.
  4. C

    Painting damp walls

    In the living room of my son's middle floor tenement flat, damp appeared in the corner of an internal wall, external wall and ceiling. Turned out that upstairs had a rising mains leak which was eventually fixed late 2022. However, both walls about 1m each in from the corner were damaged...
  5. K

    Pressure gauge leaking

    Hi I have a pressure gauge on the outside pipe just before it enters our house. It has started leak. Is it just a case of turning the water off then swapping it for a new one. Do I even need a pressure gauge or could I just close it off? Thanks in advance Kev
  6. H

    Leaking washing machine compression valve

    Hi. I have a leaking compression valve (I think) for the cold water feed to the washing machine. When I moved in to the house a few years ago, it dripped whenever the cold water was turned on- a plumber was checking the (failing) boiler and had a look (I think it was something to do with a...
  7. chriscorbs

    Lean to leak

    Hi. I have a lean to conservatory at the house I moved into in May. There have been two leaks in heavy rain since then. Nothing major but I need it fixed. There is no lead flashing and the only barrier to the elements is the grey stuff that the so called 'roofer' (previous owner) seems to have...
  8. joyful88

    Leaking into loft by chimney

    We noticed a leak by our chimney in the loft a few months ago when it rains. We have had the ridge tiles replaced and a new chimney cap placed to try and solve the issue. The next suggestion is repointing the chimney, though it’s not very obvious that this needs doing. Is there any other...
  9. Intrepid86

    Leaking chimney stack

    Hi all, I’m hoping for some advice. This morning the other half walked under the loft hatch in the office and was dripped on. I went up there and found this. I’ve called some local roofers and have two coming out next week to quote. But, seriously, what is this I’m looking at. There’s...
  10. S

    Flat roof repair

    Hello We had a a leak in the kitchen. The roof above is a flat roof on the kitchen extension The best I can work out the problem is on the wall/roof junction. Specifically behind the soil pipe. There is no leading on the wall/roof junction behind the soil pipe. It looks like the roof felt or...
  11. A

    Damp pebbledash after rain

    Old 1902 house. Recently moved In and just had the first heavy rain. Concerned how the pebbledash seems to soak up the water. I’m aware the gutter needs looking at directly above the down pipe but I can’t figure out the other patch’s other than them being near a structure door window etc…...
  12. D

    Main eco boiler leaking

    Hi could anyone tell me why this pip is leaking and what I can do to fix it . The boiler is a main elite and that white pip at the back started leaking yesterday Thanks
  13. ozmarsh

    Help with under kitchen sink leak

    I am a complete novice when it comes to anything DIY. Only just moved into a place of my own. I heard a leak while using the seal to find it was coming out of here. Can anyone tell me what its for & why wouldnt it be connected at one end? How can I stop the leak? TIA
  14. F

    Finding source of leak - heating pressure drop is this significant?

    I'm trying to find the source of a leak. There's a damp patch on an internal wall about 1m above floor level. I don't know if it's a leak from a pipe or ingress of water from outside. I've taken two readings of the heating system pressure one week apart. The Central Heating was not switched on...
  15. J

    Outdoor tap (old style) has leak - How to open and repair?

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of guidance. DIY novice here, so please excuse me for using the wrong terminology to describe stuff : ) I have an old outdoor tap which constantly drips (see pic) from the tap spout. It's an old tap (see pic) and I'm wondering how I would stop the dripping. - I've...
  16. S

    Shower unit leak - should i try silicone or tape or something else?

    My shower unit is leaking small amounts of water at both bottom corners next to the tiled walls on the outside of the unit. It's only really noticeable if you touch the grout at the bottom with tissue after use and it is damp, but not causing water to spill on the floor or anything. I think it...
  17. R

    Tiny radiator leak... fixed itself??

    I've replaced an old Type 22 double panel radiator in our living room with a nice 2 column oxford one, I managed to find one with matching centres so didn't have to mess with any pipework. When I first filled it up and checked for leaks there was tiny bead of water right where the valve...
  18. N

    EPDM Repair Advice/Products

    Hi. We have had a flat roof kitchen extension built, with EPDM and two skylights. The company that built it pulled out of the project neat completion, it was really weird and I don't know why they didn't finish it but I get the feeling that they misquoted and were just cutting their losses at...
  19. P

    Potterton PERFOMA 30 HE boiler pressure dropping 0.1 bar per day

    Hi I have a 15 year old Potterton Combi Performa HE30 and the first 10 years are fine with no visible need to top up bar the annual service and then over the next 5 years, I have noticed I need to top up the pressure with increasing frequency starting with twice a year, then 4 times a year...
  20. M

    Replacing boiler from a vented to a sealed system.

    I currently have a Glow Worm Flexicom 24hx condensing boiler (13 years old) on the ground floor and a water tank and vented expansion tank in the loft. My home is a detached chalet style bungalow, ground floor and first floor with a small loft area above. It has 4 bedrooms with around 15...