leaking roof

  1. D

    Leaking garage roof around boiler flue

    Hi all, I would be really grateful for any thoughts or advice. Really struggling to know where to go with this next. We had a new boiler installed about a couple of years ago. It is in the garage and the new flue goes through a new hole that was cut through garage roof boards. The old flue...
  2. W


    Hi I have a leak originating from the chimney when it is really hard, driving rain (only occurred twice in about 7mths so far). Its a semi Victorian house with the shared chimney on the party wall. The breast to the rear two rooms (grd and 1st) has been removed and there's a beam in the loft...
  3. Allan Welman

    Dripping sound from ceiling in heavy rain

    Hi, I have a quite substantial drip sound on my back bedroom ceiling when it rains. I've been up into the loft and there's no sign of leaking, the loft is covered in a deep layer of vermiculite insulation so any water that would drop on to that wouldn't make any noise. I thought it was coming...
  4. A

    Leaking Shed Roof

    So, I have a fibreglass roof in my shed that is fixed to a pebbledash wall (that our shed and our neighbours shed share. And there is a lot of water ingress, but it looks as if it’s coming from the joining. I’ve peaked below the fibreglass flashing and looks as if even underneath that there is...
  5. J

    Damp and Mould, Internal ceiling extractor fan into loft, safe?

    Hi All, New to this forum, just wanted to ask some advice on a ceiling extractor fan into the loft at the top of the stairs. Private rented property. This was installed some time ago, maybe a year, or just over. Long story short, the house is a s^*! hole and the estate are a nightmare to deal...
  6. G

    Leaking butterfly/inverted pitch roof

    Hi, I have an inverted pitch or Butterfly roof which is leaking from the centre, into the loft space and down into the bedroom below. Only during heavy sustained rain. I've just been up with a ladder and run a hose along the central gulley, and I can see that the water isn't draining very...
  7. M

    Flat roof problems any advice thanks

    Hi I recently brought a house it has a side extension garage which has a felt flat roof which is leaking, the flat roof is poorly done but the house has a side window which is large and preventing getting a good seal Between the roof and the house. Also underneath the window is a dead space no...
  8. M

    Low pitch Cambrian tiles leaking

    Has anyone had problems with Cambrian (or similar) reconstituted slate tiles leaking at low pitch (15 degrees). Tiles are installed with correct overlap. If so, what did you do?
  9. P

    Need advice on leaking parapet wall.

    Property Type: 90's, Detached, Cavity wall Hi all, I'm looking advice on my leaking parapet walls. There was penetrating damp coming in to the bedroom on one side of the house (the same side as the pictures). After drilling a hole and taking a sample of the mineral wool insulation, it was...