low flow

  1. C

    S Plan Vented converting to Unvented in Restricted Space

    I have a vented S Plan with a System Boiler stacked over the DHW Cylinder in a tight airing cupboard. The Cylinder is 1150 High and over it is a Vaillant Boiler. All is working perfectly with flow to a first floor shower just acceptable and we have plenty of stored hot water. But we are about to...
  2. C

    Boosting pressure for unvented cylinder (or stick to vented...)

    Hello all. [following is the edited version as apparently the original had too many words...]. My incoming supply is rubbish. I've looked into improving it through Thames Water and the management company of my flats, but I'm stuck with a little less than 1 bar (second floor flat), and a flow...
  3. R

    Temperamental Hot Water Flow, Vented Cylinder

    Having ongoing problems with a lack of hot water flow from both ground and first floor taps - it’s a basic vented cylinder system, cylinder is fed from the cold water tank in an attic; all the cold taps upstairs and down off the mains, the attic cold tank appears to directly supply only the...
  4. D

    Cold tap low flow rate - only a trickle until 4/5 turns

    The cold tap in the bathroom basin now requires 4/5 turns before the flow is acceptable. 1 turn used to suffice. They're an old style tap similar to the picture below. We live in a hard water area if that has any significance. Any idea how this can be fixed? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Derekbirmingham

    Low flow on new bath mixer tap

    Hello people. Ive just had a new bath and tap fitted by a plumber. After he left i realised the hot water flow on the hot it half it was on my old basic taps. I have a copper water tank. Am i right in assuming this is the new crappy mixer tap that was fitted causing this problem people.
  6. L

    Shower gradually loses flow while other outlets unaffected

    We have a unvented system that was installed about 18 months ago. Everything works fine except for the shower - it has always been weaker than I had wanted, and has got worse in the last year or so. The main problem is that the shower flow rate slows to a dribble over the course of 10 minutes...