low voltage

  1. Another_Dave

    potterton boiler e385 (low voltage)

    Model: Promax Ultra Combi Part number: 28 ErP Hi All, For the last couple weeks the water from shower head how been randomly going cold then back to back to warn, along with reduced pressure at times. Now I've got no heating at all and the boiler is showing the follow error message "385" (low...
  2. eveares

    When were mains (230V/240V) underwater lights banned?

    I know some very old water fountains use to have mains powered underwater lights. Just wondering what the history is behind when the were banned and made presumably illegal? Regards: Elliott.
  3. I

    Modeling the thermal part of the time current curve

    G’ day, I am working on designing protection devices for my research work and I am struggling to model the thermal part for the low voltage circuit breakers based on IEC standards. Based on the standards, the time current curve for types B, C and D are as mentioned on the attached figure. I...