1. C

    LPG leak

    Our LPG consumption has increased by approx 900 litres each year over last two years even though we have been turning off heating, fitted smart tvr’s to radiators, have 2 lesson people taking showers. Called out engineer who said it was leaking at rate of 10 millibars per second and had...
  2. Jonnyfun

    Convert boiler Natural gas to LPG

    How do, long time reader, first time poster... I recently acquired a glow worm energy 30c A-(H-GB) its a natural gas condensing boiler, and the twist is that I only have LPG at my property. Talking to the glow worm technical hotline asking about converting sed boiler to LPG I was instantly shot...
  3. C

    Boiler Issue....help needed

    Our boiler has developed a mind of it's own over the past week that I suspect is an issue with the programming unit but my limited diagnostic skills (turn off/on and reseting) have not resolved the problem. The boiler is a vitodens 100W running off LPG with a drayton tempus 7 programming unit...