1. D

    Lukewarm rads and constantly cycling boiler

    Hi, we’ve got the vaillant ecoFit Sustain. Flow temp is set at 65. CH is calling for heat as per the NEST thermostat, but boiler gets to 41 and then starts to cycle and temp cools down. Rads only getting lukewarm. We did have the sensocomfort thermostat with the weather compensator probe...
  2. TallulaB

    Vaillant auro stor water heater help!

    Hello, Hoping someone can help! Not sure what else to try. We have a Vaillant eco tec boiler and we also have a Vaillant auro stor water heater, but for the last two months all of our hot water is coming out Lukewarm. When we first moved in it worked perfectly and the water was super hot. Our...
  3. R

    LUKEWARM Heritage Glastonbury Exposed Valve Thermostatic shower

    As an early Xmas present, our shower has decided to play up. Now runs lukewarm only so looking for guidance. The shower offers: - cold (first 60-deg turn of handle) - lukewarm (remainder of movement) Shower has been fitted approx 5 years. Hot ran from a Worcester Bosch combi. Cold appears to...
  4. ThePrisonerOfZenda

    Worcester combi boiler- Luke warm water situation

    I have a Worcester 25i combi boiler and would appreciate any advice... issue - my hot water isn't hot.. This last week, its started running luke warm... I gave the heating a blast this evening & hoped that it might do something helpful, but no, radiators were indeed red hot... water still only...
  5. C

    (Combi) Bath Mixer Tap Hot Then Lukewarm

    Hi, We have a problem with our bath mixer tap. When you run the hot tap it does get hot for a bit but then goes lukewarm.. eventually hot again but due to the constant cycling between hot and lukewarm you can't run a hot bath. The central heating is off, the combi boiler is a Vaillant 835/2 E...