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    How to rebuild 1930's bay window box

    Hello! I'm in the process of removing render from the front of my how and I am just starting to tackle the bay box. It is totally rotten through so I am taking it back to the black waterproof membrane I have a few questions to help guide me on what to do next: 1. Do I need to remove the black...
  2. C

    Small toddler playhouse base

    Hi, The missus has ordered a small playhouse for our toddlers birthday. It's a TP Meadow from Argos which is 1m x 1.3m. The area she would like it situating in is currently grass. What would be an easy to install base, we have seen plastic mesh, or small cheap flags, alternatively some used...
  3. D

    Crack prevention at top of door.

    I have a 1st floor block wall with doorway to build and was wondering if I should mesh the door corners. Low ceilings provide only 9.5" above the door frame. The wall isn't loadbearing and is perp to an exterior wall that has no cavity in it's lower half. Does it make any difference to increase...
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    Expanded mesh on internal wall

    I have a wall that is breeze but has thermalites built onto the end, what mesh (am assuming galv) arrangement might be necessary at the transition between the two to prevent cracking? Do I need special fixings for mesh? Thank you.
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    Correct use of PVA when when patching render/skim over mesh.

    I would like to prevent edge contraction cracks when patching in over mesh (over cracks/helical) by using pva, left until tacky before applying render etc? Would this be before render and again before multi? What strength of pva? What ratio render mix? Do I need special sand (I just tend to use...
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    Inner leaf vertical crack - what width mesh to use?

    I have a full room height vertical crack in a conc. block inner leaf that I may stitch with helical rods, it has a sand/cement render & skim. What width mesh (expamet) would I put over the crack before new render (and skim)? Presumably this wouldn't need to be stainless mesh as it's not...