mezzanine framing

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    Lowering a floor to create a mezzanine

    Hi all Hope you are well? We are planning on extending our current tiny flat in London. We currently have a small living kitchen room that we are planning on extending. The ceiling height is good at 2.8 metres and we are on a slope. So a potential plan would be to lower the space so we...
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    Advice on Mezzanine/Balcony

    I have purchased a small terraced house. It is in a linear setout (where each room is behind another, NOT next to each other) i have proposed a plan to install a mezzanine floor above the two bedrooms. for this to happen, i will need to remove the current ceiling. however in doing this i will...
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    New Mezzanine Floor

    Looking for some advice on a supporting wall for a mezzanine floor. Im looking to build a mezzanine in a pop-up office conversion. There are 2 spans one 4.8 meters and one about 3.5. I am planing on copying the plan from a neighbour, but am unsure about his supporting wall. The plan is to have...