mineral wool

  1. DanRobertsB

    Loft insulation advice - unusual construction

    Hi I'm keen to insulate a loft with unusual construction (see below). I'm hoping that can be the usual "roll out some mineral wool" to a depth of 300mm (and raise any boarding above that by at least 50mm). But am weary of condensation risks (all the more so as this is a timber frame, timber clad...
  2. DanRobertsB

    Cold roof insulation - general tips and materials recommendations?

    Hi I’m hoping to improve the loft insulation of a cold roof of a large wood clad, timber frame bungalow that is currently poorly insulated and struggles with heat retention. It is currently largely single glazed (I’m working on secondary glazing with Magnetglaze Extreme Pro and 4-6mm Perspex)...
  3. J

    Insulating a ceiling

    Recently had a full home re-wire and now the living room and passageway have exposed joists where the ceiling was ripped down to cable the new electrics. before we plasterboard the ceilings I thought it might be a good opportunity to stick some insulation up to hopefully lower the heating bills...
  4. C

    How to ventilate a warm loft

    Hi, we are hoping to insulate the rafters of our loft and I am looking to sense check some facts a few of the builders have told us. Our (currently cold) loft is a pitched roof, set on an A frame with purloins. Built about 1920/1930ish. It has ventilation in a few places at the eaves, but not...
  5. N

    Loft insulation and metal cradle

    Hi all, first post but I think I'm going to end up a regular here! I've recently moved into a house that needs plenty doing, and one of the first bits is to sort the loft out. I've attached some pictures, I hope. My questions are: I seem to have some kind of metallic cradle between the...