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    Range rating, modulation and manually setting the CH temperature question.

    Range rating a boiler means adjusting its output to more closely match the heat requirements of a property, while on the other hand boiler modulation also reduces the output of the boiler to match the heat requirement of the property, as it gets close to its desired temperature. Range rating...
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    Drayton Wiser & Baxi - Opentherm Installation Issues

    Hi, I've joined because I have a lot of trouble with trying to make my new boiler work with the Opentherm interface and thought someone with more experience than me could help. Equipment: Drayton Wiser - Single Channel Programmer with Opentherm module. Baxi 836 Combi boiler with Opentherm...
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    Greenstar system boiler with Easy Control on s-plan modulation capability

    My old system boiler (16yo) is setup in S-Plan configuration. I want to get a new Worcester system and Easy Control (finer control with modulation/condensing.) I understand DHW has to be heated to over 65deg but I would like my heating flow temperature to be much lower particularly in the...
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    What is the best modulating smart heating system?

    Ive opened a can of worms by researching the heating system for our refurbishment. We are having a central heating system installed. The proposed boiler is a Vaillant ecoFIT pure (think 618 but not definite). The heating will have 3 underfloor heating circuits for two zones. Builder intends...
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    Vaillant Ambisense, how does it modulate, help please!

    I have a Vaillant ecofit 425 heat only boiler on a Y plan system. Controls are all Vaillant, a VRC 700f, VRC 920 gateway, 16 radiators with 15 Ambisense TRVs, the one remaining radiator TRV free as a bypass. So far so good. I'm broadly happy with the system though the Vaillant app is unreliable...
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    Worcester Bosch runs at constant (low) output

    Hello everyone, first post and I can't find anything on the search function. I have just had a new WB Greenstar 8700 system boiler installed. It is controlled by an Easycontrol wireless thermostat. The plumber has been useless - installed it, switched it on and said let it run for a few days...