1. A

    Multizone system and OpenTherm, mixing radiators and underfloor heating

    I’m in the process of acquiring a new boiler due to the conversion of my loft and the installation of a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system. I’ve recently discovered that Google Nest is unable to handle multi-zone systems and reverts to a simple on/off thermostat. My preference would...
  2. G

    Nest (s) wiring sanity check - multi zone replacement

    Hi all, Looking to replace a 2x zone CH programmer and HW controller with 2x nest. Nest 1- (3rd gen) will control downstairs heating and HW Nest 2 - (nest “e” thermostat) will control upstairs heating. Current programmer has seemingly simple wire structure, a series of neutral and live each...
  3. D

    HIVE Multizone

    Hello Can someone clear this up for me please, Is it just the name or what? If you have two or more heating zones in a property, you will need: Zone 1: Hive Hub connected to a receiver paired to its thermostat. Zone 2: Hive receiver connected to a receiver paired to its thermostat. Once...
  4. T

    Multizone heating issue

    I have a heat only Worcester Bosch 30kw boiler and a 300L Ideal unvented cylinder. There are 3 zone valves, one for ground floor heating, another for 1st floor/loft heating and the last is for hot water. There is only one return pipe for the radiators. I had this and completely new pipework done...
  5. Srikanth06

    Hive with horstmann 27xl

    Hi, Iam new and this is my first question. So please excuse me if i break any forum rules. I bought hive hot water and heat reciever, ie dual channel. And i figured it out how to connect to my horstmann programmer. However i have realiszed i have two zones ,upstairs and down stairs and two wired...
  6. M

    Danfoss TP4000 to Hive

    Hi Guys, I have a Hive Active Heating and a separate Multizone ready to install. I am fairly confident in the way it works just unsure which wires to put where as I appear to have numbers 1-12 on my back plate currently! Any help would be much appreciated :) Danfoss Backplate by mrsarcysean...
  7. S

    Hive multizone install with system boiler

    Hi I have a system boiler with two heating zones, and I'm trying to install Hive I have a Hive (version 1) controller, and a Hive Multizone unit Can someone tell me whats the best way to wire it up? Photos in album Cables into connector unit (from left to right): Boiler / Mains In /...