1. N

    Tiles Nail it or not?

    Hi all, I’m replacing my roof. Attached are my roof tiles. When installing roofer didn’t nailed any of those to battens. Sati that these kind of tiles no need nailing. And in future replacement will be easy. is that correct? Do we mail it? Bit confused.
  2. D

    I'm an idiot. Timber decking laid without gaps. Help!

    I know this is bad. Really bad. I'm a grade-A idiot. Hopefully the worst DIY mistake I ever make. I just got done laying 6m x 4.8m of decking onto joists without leaving gaps between. I put three nails in each board - one either side and one in the middle. The nails are ring shank, I think. I...
  3. giggadygoo

    Cut clasp nails splitting joists

    Hi all, I am now having a BIG PROBLEM with the nails! They are going in to the boards nicely but are spiting the joists. Not sure it it is safe to continue as I don't want to weaken the whole floor. Should I pilot hole? I already tried with a 3mm bit and it still split. Perhaps I should...
  4. giggadygoo

    Scaff board floor - what nail?

    Hi Guys, I have a problem! I am making a floor with reclaimed scaff boards into 2x5 joists. I love the look and apparent superior grip of cut brad nails but can only find them in 65mm. That would be perfect for normal floors but as the scaff boards are 35mm (after sanding), I am concerned that...