nest gen 3

  1. ChingiZ

    Nest Thermostat E. How does it work with underfloor heating.

    Hi. So Combi Boiler Heating type: Water Underfloor heating, Only one Zone. Nest type: Nest Thermostat E (Images For Reference) Just received the Nest Thermostat E and trying to replace it instead of the OLD Thermostat, but I am having some difficulties with connecting the underfloor heating as...
  2. duckdodgersuk

    HELP! New Nest Gen3 with Old System?

    Hi There, I picked up a Nest Gen3 Thermostat in the Black Friday sales but am having a nightmare installing it with my old Glowworm Ultimate 40ff system boiler. Old Thermostat The Hot Water Tank is upstairs along with the LWC1 wiring station and Drayton LP241 programmer. Drayton LP241...
  3. C

    Nest 3rd Gen | Heat Link | OpenTherm | Clicking but no heating

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on my self-installation of my NEST 3rd generation thermostat. I previously installed this set-up in my old property which had the same boiler and everything worked. Recently moved properties and set-up the nest again and my issues have begun... Just looking...
  4. M

    Nest 3rd Gen and Baxi Platinum Combi 33

    So I fitted this yesterday and didn't get any heating - HW worked fine, open a tap and hot water, heatlink connected to thermostat by wifi and all leds ok. I followed this thread and wired exactly as shown -...
  5. M

    Nest thermostats.

    Hi. According to the nest thermostat installation instructions ,the thermostat has to be powered by a theee pin plug. Is there no way to just use a fused spur and wire it directly into the house wiring?
  6. R

    Upgrade Nest to Nest 3rd gen with HW control. Easy?!

    Hi, I would love to get advice on upgrading my Nest thermostat to the Nest version 3 that controls your HW apart from heating. I have the Nest that just controls your heating. My condensing boiler is the Glow-Worm Ultracom 38hxi and the Nest Heat link is connected to the boiler and within 1m...
  7. T

    Nest 3rd Generation Heat Link installation

    Hi, I'm trying to install a Nest Heat Link it to link to my Potterton Promax SL boiler, and worried I don't fully understand the wiring on the back of my old programmer! I figure it should be fairly straightforward to swap over from my old programmer to the Heat Link, from seeing similar...
  8. K

    Help Installing Nest Gen 3 with Vailant eco tech plus 637

    Hi Guys, I am a little cheesed off as I have already done in 1 boiler PCB board which I will have to order in. My Set up for the ground floor is: 1x Vailant 637 boiler which does my ground floor heating and hot water 1x Honey well programmer 1x Honey well Room stat. and my system is Zoned...