nest thermostat e

  1. O

    Advice on wiring Nest Thermostat E to Alpha Eco Combi Boiler

    Hi, I.m looking to add a Nest Thermostat E to my Alpha Eco Boiler. The boiler has no room stat but just a timer. My understanding is that I should leave the timer in and set it to always on. I should then remove the link connecting 1 and 2 and run instead two wires from 1 to NO/Call for heat...
  2. ChingiZ

    Nest Thermostat E. How does it work with underfloor heating.

    Hi. So Combi Boiler Heating type: Water Underfloor heating, Only one Zone. Nest type: Nest Thermostat E (Images For Reference) Just received the Nest Thermostat E and trying to replace it instead of the OLD Thermostat, but I am having some difficulties with connecting the underfloor heating as...
  3. R

    Nest Thermostat E wiring to Greenstar 32CDi ERP Compact

    Hi I have a Worcetser Bosch Greenstar boiler with wireless Comfort 1 RF thermostat control. Please can someone help me replace this with the Nest Thermostat E? I have attached photos of my current boiler wiring below. Many thanks Dan
  4. Branflake98

    Nest Thermostat E Installation

    Hi, I plan on installing a Nest Thermostat E with Heat Link to my property however can’t seem to match up the wiring on the apps instructions. The property was built last year and has air source heating installed, I have, in the cupboard some sort of tank with a Daikin control panel. I have...
  5. Sebastião Schumaher

    Upgrade to Nest Thermostat E from Honeywell R6660D

    Hello guys, I am trying to figured out the wiring on my current Honeywell Receiver which works fine with my wireless Honeywell CM927. I am confused with the current wiring of my receiver - please see pictures which I will attach: current wiring: N blue cable (I guess neutral) L brown cable...