nest thermostat heat link google install

  1. LH1987

    Flexicom CX with Google heat link thermostat help

    Hi, so we recently moved into a new house and the boiler is like nothing I'd seen before. I'm trying to install my Google Nest learning thermostat 3rd gen and having a hard time finding an input for the Live & Neutral wires. I've attached both nest and boiler manuals, I just can't work it out...
  2. O

    Advice on wiring Nest Thermostat E to Alpha Eco Combi Boiler

    Hi, I.m looking to add a Nest Thermostat E to my Alpha Eco Boiler. The boiler has no room stat but just a timer. My understanding is that I should leave the timer in and set it to always on. I should then remove the link connecting 1 and 2 and run instead two wires from 1 to NO/Call for heat...
  3. Sebastião Schumaher

    Upgrade to Nest Thermostat E from Honeywell R6660D

    Hello guys, I am trying to figured out the wiring on my current Honeywell Receiver which works fine with my wireless Honeywell CM927. I am confused with the current wiring of my receiver - please see pictures which I will attach: current wiring: N blue cable (I guess neutral) L brown cable...
  4. A

    Nest thermostat

    I have a query about fitting the nest in my house. My central heating system is quite old and I cannot switch between hot water and central heating so on my old programmer when I switch the heating on I always get both working. So with this I have no motorised valves. The question I need...
  5. E

    Installing a Nest Thermostat 3rd gen

    I'm attempting to install a 3rd gen Nest thermostat in place of my old timer. Essentially for the Nest system there are two units to install, one is the 'Heat Link' which is rather like the old programmer without any display or buttons. The second unit is the thermostat which has a display and...