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  1. T

    Nest Thermostat Gen 3 - Dual Zone Install Danfoss HPA2 valves for upstairs and downstairs

    Help with dual zone wiring - Nest thermostat UK Hi, I am following a diagram and installing the heatlink to the wiring centre. Seems all should be correct but it puzzles me that the brown wire of the danfoss HPA valves are going into the black wire of the thermostat but on my thermostats this...
  2. O

    Advice on wiring Nest Thermostat E to Alpha Eco Combi Boiler

    Hi, I.m looking to add a Nest Thermostat E to my Alpha Eco Boiler. The boiler has no room stat but just a timer. My understanding is that I should leave the timer in and set it to always on. I should then remove the link connecting 1 and 2 and run instead two wires from 1 to NO/Call for heat...
  3. O

    Electric heater triggered by Nest Thermostat heat link, wirelessly?

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post, nice to meet you all (y) I have a conundrum for you: I have a nest heat link controlling my electric hot water tank in the airing cupboard, but I want it to also trigger an electric heater in another room as well. Rather than run wiring to trigger a relay...
  4. Branflake98

    Nest Thermostat E Installation

    Hi, I plan on installing a Nest Thermostat E with Heat Link to my property however can’t seem to match up the wiring on the apps instructions. The property was built last year and has air source heating installed, I have, in the cupboard some sort of tank with a Daikin control panel. I have...
  5. Connor1995

    Nest Thermostat - Gloworm ultimate 30c

    Hi all! I recently purchased a nest thermostat to accompany my gloworm ultimate 30c combi boiler. I originally wired the heat link to the drawing supplied with the instructions supplied with the nest but that didn’t seem to work and my boiler would only turn on once I went past the set limit...