new roof issues

  1. W

    New Roof Original Material

    Hi I read somewhere that all original roofs on Victorian houses were slate, does anyone know if this is true? My current one has clay tile (Rosemary I've been told) and I'm sure the roof had to have been replaced at least once in its life. I am thinking of replacing it again. I'm very...
  2. Sharky7866

    Help Need Advice

    Hi I had a nightmare project, a extension on my house. The roofer which I hired i had lost a little faith and was working alongside side him to keep an eye out. My concern is the method he chose to butt up against my house with Conrod plain tile, he used a dry soaker, but there are gaps between...
  3. B

    Low pitch roof issues

    Have had an outhouse in the garden rebuilt. Roof was designed to be essentially a flat roof with 10 degree single pitch with reclaimed hand made pantiles as a covering to make it look prettier with a. Seems the builder didn't quite get it and installed it as follows: 20mm marine ply, tyvek...