1. V

    Help please as front door won't open

    Can anyone tell me how to open my front door as the snib fell off inside as I always have the snib on for safety reasons when I'm at home and now I can't open my front door. I can get out of my work place so I tried to open the door from the outside with my key and it won't open. I'm trying to...
  2. H

    Yale nightlatch unlocks in both directions

    Hello, I recently installed a Yale PBS1 nightlatch. Everything worked as expected, but I wanted to touch up some of the gaps in my chiselling, so I took the lock off the door to do so. When I re-fixed the lock, the bolt now unlocks by turning the handle or key in either direction. Previously...
  3. K

    Nightlatch door lock metal pin?

    Hi all - would really appreciate your advice on this as extensive googling has not helped! A couple of days ago the door wouldn't close behind me (latch sticking out), when I moved the handle this short metal rod fell out of the lower of two holes in the latch itself (picture). The lock seems...
  4. J

    Replacement cylinder for Union BS3621 rim nightlatch

    Just moved in to a new house which has a decent from door lock. Does anyone have any idea where I would buy replacement cylinders for these? No idea how many people the...