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    Hot water noise - trying to diagnose!

    Hi, My neighbours above me have an immersion and whenever they use hot water, this noise has plagued my flat as well as the flats below me and above them. Their plumber can't seem to fix it or identify the fault. It's such a loud noise that you can hear it over the TV, in every room of the flat...
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    Ideal Logic+ Heat 30 Cycling on and off

    Hi, I have an Ideal Logic+ Heat 30 which does three annoying things. 1. It occasionally makes one hell of a noise which can be heard throughout the whole house and which suggests that the boiler wants to jump off the wall. Sometimes this is a one-off, other times it's repetitive. A part (gas...
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    Advice on rerouting pipes and reducing noise

    Hello, I will be refurbishing a 1960s house and am considering what aspects of the plumbing might need changing, there's a couple of points in particular I would appreciate advice with. Some of the pipework looks like it might be 50 years old, other bits look like they were changed more...
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    Ferroli Boiler Problem

    Karl1980New Member I have probably one of the worst boilers you could have (not my fault, blame the home developer!) It's a Ferroli Optimax HE18s. We are getting a really loud vibrating noise when the hot water comes on. But if I switch the boiler off then on again and stops straight away and...
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    Weird “Unfixable” Sound from Boiler?

    So I posted this question on this forum a few months ago but it still has not been fixed. There’s been a sound coming from my boiler which is apparently not fixable. I have been told by a plumber that it is due to condensation from the cold weather? sounds like bs, but is it correct? I’m not...
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    Weird boiler sound (video)

    Hi everyone, there’s a weird sound coming from my boiler. It’s been like this for the past month at least. Sometimes it seems louder than other times but it’s always making that sound. Anyone know why? A plumber looked at it and said it was normal but if that were the case, it wouldn’t have just...
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    Banging fibreglass roof

    We had a new 45m2 warm construction flat fibreglass roof installed in October. It makes intermittent loud banging and creaking noises. It is worse during the morning and evenings when the sun rises/sets and the temperature rises/falls. The roof is south facing. I have found numerous old threads...