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    Outhouse - Demolish or Repair

    Hi I am buying a terraced property (for rental purposes). The rear garden has an outhouse, which is made of bricks on 3 sides and has wooden doors on one side to make separate compartments as shown. The Outbuilding has a Felt roof which has been leaking for a long time and my surveyor has...
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    Brick built outhouse insulation

    Hi I had an outhouse built, 6m length, 3m width The 4 walls are single brick (internally rendered) then 50mm EPS insulation 'dot and dabbed' followed by plasterboard and skim. The roof is a flat felt roof with 100mm mineral wool insulation, and the floor is a concrete slab. A year later I...
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    Removing WC from "outhouse".

    Hi I've bought an 1880s house with no heating, barely any electrics and a bathroom in an outhouse. The outhouse is connected to the house by a now-rotting wooden porch-like structure. This structure could easily be knocked down and removed and the outbuilding would again be completely separate...
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    Outhouse, Workshop, Help needed please.

    Hi All, Firstly thanks for taking the time out to read my thread. I'm currently building a workshop in my garden, nothing fancy but it will do the do for me. it will take up no more than 11% of the garden and is made from brick and block (cavity) and will have a hip style roof. It's in from...