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    Paslode Framer Problems

    Got a 350, was working ok, was sitting on a dwang and it got knocked over, battery come out and the casing battery casing end came off but went back together again. Fearing the worst, put it all back together again and the gun started working, used it for about 15 minutes more and it ran out of...
  2. J

    First Fix nails for nail gun. Ring or smooth to build stud walls?

    I have borrewed a pasloded IM350 to speed build up of few studwall instead of suing screws. As I have to buy some 90mm nail and found fishers to be cheaper than the original Paslode. I only have doubt if the nails need to be smooth or ring. Any help on this?
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    Paslode im360ci

    Hi folks Just a quick one does anybody know if the Im360ci will shoot normal "D" shaped nails, also I know they have a different gas head fitting could the heads be removed and put on a older style gas as I have a few boxes of nails/gases for my older gun which I would like to use up but don't...