Paslode im360ci

9 Sep 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi folks
Just a quick one does anybody know if the Im360ci will shoot normal "D" shaped nails, also I know they have a different gas head fitting could the heads be removed and put on a older style gas as I have a few boxes of nails/gases for my older gun which I would like to use up but don't want to damage my new gun...

Thanks in advance
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No idea. Have a paslode and a senco framing nailer.
Afaik the new paslodes only shoot paslode nails.
The senco takes any thing, which is why I purchased it and not a new paslode. I rate the senco a better gun than the paslode.
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it will fire "old style" nails but you will need "new" style gas - wait until you see the price of the gas though !!!!!!
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The other thing about the 360s is that they seem to have a tendency to overheat when you really paste them - like nailing ply floors on 100mm centres which buggered two 360s we had last year. Ended up doing the job with an old IM90 and a Senco GT90, neither of which missed a beat, or overheated. Oh yes, and because you can only get the gas from Senco, it costs a bomb!