Paslode Miss firing after service??

12 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom

Im looking for some technical advice on the paslode im350 if possible.

Ive done a complete service on my paslode gun including striping down and servicing the piston and cylinder cleaning all the waste discharge from the gas build up. replaced ring seal checked that the motor spins and the spark ignite each time i compress and release microswitch without cylinder/chamber cover on as show by paslode rep.

lubricated all moving parts and been carefull not to saturate.

i really dont understand. it miss fires allmost perfect every second time bar now and then. I heard comments that the gas chamber miss not be filling up quickly enough which does sound feasible.

I heard also that if the gas has been kepted in cool conditons this could created the same double miss fire problems. Well ive tried both of these leaving gas in room temperature for several hours before re-testing and still have the same problem.

for others that may think i have used a different cartridge thats out of date no, the gas is paslode and in date to jan 09 and when test im not using nails so its not jammed. Yes the battery are good and charged.

So sorry for the long winded explanation but wanted to make it clear that ive tried most things to cancel out wasting people time.

Thank you for any help
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It's not something daft like a loose contact on the battery is it?

I'm no paslode expert by a long way, but my IM250 does this.

The battery clip is a bit worn, and it will often not fire after it has just fired.

I solved this with a small wedge between the body of the gun and the battery.

So far my IM350 has had no problems. (probably not what you wanted to hear though)
Thank you, for your response. There is no problem with the battery it staying locked in holder reasonably well.

it is something i will lookout for though on other machine faults similar ta! :)
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recently bought a second hand nail gun and every now and then wont fire.have cleaned it out but still nothing.when you go to nail abit of wood there isnt a noise from the fan but after you lift off the fan is going.would this be the sparking unit or the sparker.the piston is moving free and have tried the piston on another gun and works fine.must be something in the handle.can anyone help

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