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  • at the risk of sounding like i am trying to find some problem with your work. i actually am trying to find a reason to report such acccidents in my/our work without making public against you. It could happen to me or you any day. I respect your knowledge fully. kind regards
    I didn't want this on the forum as it was given to me in confidence for a project some years ago..

    One type of camera control uses a sequence of 6 pulses to give absolute positions for the pan tilt zoom iris (apperture) and illumination. Each control pulse is between 1millisecond and 10 millisecond long ( min to max on the control ) and the 6th is the 15 millisecond marker to identify the start of the sequence.

    one millisecond is 0 degrees home and 10 milliseconds is 390 ( 30 degrees beyond home ).

    That sort of control may not be carried by a "normal" serial data radio link as these often re-generate the data waveform to remove any errors that the radio link may introduce. Some re-format the serial data to add error correction check sums and they will not carry pulse width modulation control signals without serious changes to the control value.

    Best regards

    My reasons for pressing the bonding versus earthing relates to the electrical system in my 490 year old stone cottage as well as 40 years experience in electronics and 9 years in industrial electrical control systems.

    Two years ago the cottage and the attached shop were a single property supplied by a TT supply in the shop. I bought the cottage a year ago, one bedroom is over the shop as a flying lease which complicates the division of the property into two separate units.

    I have had a new supply installed from the street and this is at present PME TN-C-S. Because I am PME and the shop is TT I have had to ensure there is at least a metre separation between anything earthed or bonded in my cottage and anything earthed or bonded in the shop. The DNO "require" this to ensure that in the event of a neutral failure in their network there is ( almost ) zero chance of the shop's CPC becoming the same voltage as my CPC and thus putting the people in the vicinity ( adjacent shops ) at risk from a raised ground potential as the shop's ground rod takes some of the current that the failed neutral would have been taking. The DNO stated specifically that there is no difference between bonding ( other than specifically earth free bonding ) and earthing. If it is bonded it MUST be assumed to be and treated as being earthed.

    I am seriously considering changing my installation to a TT system with multiple RCDs. This is acceptable to the DNO and has also been accepted by the local authority in other buildings where it provides a safer installation. BS7671 requirements do not always fit the needs of older buildings and can in some case create a less safe installation.
    Can you please help me or point me in the direction of someone who can? DesperateHousewife44.............posted question today, 6th September 2011, PLEASE!!!
    hi bonny lad long time no hear (me not you) do you have an installation man for the veritas r8

    just move and whoever fitted it did a right botch job

    thanks mate
    Hi Rob, I'm in the processing of changing my DA Abacus 8 alarm with a Veritas R8. I've noticed from other posts that you've got PDF copies of installation manuals for this system and even though I've just ordered it today from 'Alert Electrical' I'd really appreciate if you could email me a PDF of the installation manual so that I can start reading it and working things out before it actually arrives. Many thanks. [email protected]
    Hi there,
    I notice that you have the Wintex software. Can you help me please.
    I am installing a new premier 48 panel and my supplier has run out of the software disks. There have sent me it as a zip file, but when i come to run it, wintex asks for a user name and password to login. Is the a standard one i use?
    kind regards
    Hi RF lighting I was advised to contact you for some advise. I am currently changing all my sockets and switches in my kitchen from white to Black Insert Satin Chrome Angled Edge. But I have hit a small problem i have a 4G switch for the kitchen appliance frezzer,extractor fan, dishwashr and washing machine with all these marked on the switches and you advise if it is possible to purchase 4g with the appliance recorded on the switch.
    Thanking you in advance
    hi you seem to know what your talking about, can you help me? i need to kn ow the configuration for connecting a ceiling rose type light. i have two lives two earths and two neutrals. i know one set is the live feed and one set is the switch drop but dont know which one goes to where!! i was connecting the two lives together and the two earths and both neutrals and it keeps tripping the fuse. i hope you can help . thanks .joe
    That socket does look very much like a wireless eaves dropping bug. Almost certainly illegal as it look far too amateurish to be an "official" device.

    If it was fitted for some criminal activity then the person who found it needs to be carefull in case there is any criminals who would not like it to be known a bug had been installed.

    Though it may be nothing more then a spouse checking up on their partner.

    If you do get your hands on it you could try powering up and then try to hear it with an FM radio 86 - 108 Meg but be careful what you say while it is powered up. You never know who may be listening.


    Most people do not read thier comments
    Hi, I was just viewing your 'Hall of Shame', When I came across the Proteus CCU feeding a portacabin pictures, where the Neutral Bar has melted away! As you stated that there wasn't a heavy load on it I was wondering what would have caused the problem, or is Proteus just rubbish? Sorry to bother you about it, I'm just interested. Cheers! Dave Cat
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