1. Aspers32

    Is this woodworm? Floorboard issues

    We are having our pine floorboards restored and to replace our original damaged ones the contractor (reputable and well-reviewed) has supplied some he 'had from a previous job'. He installed them without showing me them or telling me anything about their condition. Some are in OK nick, some less...
  2. A

    Floorboard transition between rooms

    Hello everyone. Happy friday. I am looking for advice on how to finish this strip between two exposed floorboard rooms… There used to be a raised tradition strip that was a trip hazard. I would ideally like to keep the new transition level with the floor. I was thinking to trim the edges of...
  3. nbellyjnr

    B&Q Kitchen Fitting Problems - Next Course Of Action?

    Hi Everyone, This forum has been invaluable to me the last few weeks and I really appreciate all of the help I’ve been given regarding a variety of issues. We had a kitchen fitting with B&Q that has been plagued with issues for the get go. It’s now over four months since the fitting started...
  4. W

    Bowing Counter

    I am almost there with my self build entertainment unit and noticed today a issue that I was hoping wouldn't (wistfully) wouldn't occur. The inner vertical of the shelving units on either side are causing a slight bowing of the counter top. The counter top is 2x18mm boards and the verticals on...
  5. W

    MDF storage unit /entertainment unit

    Hi What thickness of MDF do people recommend for a storage unit. It will be self supporting off the floor and fit onto a end wall measuring 3m x 2.4m. The base unit including the circulation space behind will be about 600mm deep, the cupboards and shelves etc. above will be set back and total...
  6. T

    Building a Veranda / Patio Cover Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am looking at building a timber lean to veranda / patio cover down the side of my house and was hoping that I could get a bit of advice on how to do it. The span is going to be roughly 2.7m wide by 6m long with a roof at 15 degrees. The whole thing will be painted with...
  7. B

    Can you trim down architrave for a door frame?

    I need to replace 45mm-wide architrave on some internal doors. I can’t find much architrave of that width that I like. Is it possible — or even advisable —to buy wider-than-needed architrave and trim it down without compromising anything?
  8. B

    What size microwave?

    Hi all. I am about to have my new kitchen installed but am a bit confused by integrated microwave sizes. The unit is a tall (2340 mm) oven and appliance housing. So is it simply a matter of overall size - the legs (150 mm) which leaves 2190 mm. Then take off the doors and the oven...
  9. B

    Cost of Replacing Kitchen Worktops...

    Want to remove 2 old laminate worktops and replace with solid wood items. Both approx 250cm x 60cm, joined together (L shape) In my mind I thought “a grand to buy the worktops and a grand to pay someone to do the work” but the only quote I’ve had so far is £3,500 (+VAT), which made my eyes...
  10. D

    How to join a solid wood worktop

    I would like to join some solid wood pieces together to make a desktop. I have some left over pieces of solid oak wood top which had previously been cut into pieces (don't ask). I would now like to use the wood to make a desk. My question is what is the best way to join the pieces together to...
  11. P

    Advice needed on loft insulation and boarding please!

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  12. Maxie Allen

    Sawing tips

    Hi guys, I have always had a strong interest in DIY but because I was born female I was always told it’s not right for me to do it so never learnt anything. I have now started my transition to male and am building a workstation for future DIY projects, however as I’ve never been taught anything...
  13. R

    Building a wardrobe over stairwell

    I want to maximize the space in my sons small bedroom by creating him some storage utilizing the large stairwell that protrudes into his room. I am aware I need to maintain head clearance on the stairs so the bottom of the wardrobe will be a couple of feet off the floor in the room, but that's...
  14. J

    OSB Board, Tongue and Groove, which side up?

    Hi, I'm installing some OSB board for flooring in my upstairs bedroom. I'm not sure which side should face the joists and which side it is that you walk on. I can't see any stamps or markings to indicate the correct orientation. I need to know this before I commence with the project, hence...
  15. M

    Cut through joist for flue?

    Hello, I'll try to keep it brief: we are having a wood stove installed, and the HETAS approved installer has cut through a joist in the first floor, and a joist in the roof to allow the flue to run up and through the roof (it has an angle in to avoid rafter). There are now two joists (circa...
  16. Marchant232

    Newel post Help!

    Good evening everyone, First time posting here so please be kind :) I am carrying out a renovation of my 1960’s staircase. I’d like to remove the part of the newel post that sticks out below the ceiling. Is this supporting the tenon on the stringer above or can I cut it off? I’m no longer...
  17. N

    Hoist hangers on RSJ / Steel Beam | Advice

    Please can anyone give advice on this rsj installation. I think we might have issues with building control on this one. The joist hangers haven’t been put on correctly and have been cut off instead of bent over the top. Is this safe and will it pass building control inspection? Thanks
  18. M

    Guys need your advice ! flooring advice please. Lady project

    Hi Guys, :(:( Currently wanting to relay a new laminate flooring on the upstairs bedrooms, have stripped the old laminate flooring to the floorboards which I have fixed, some were creaking which I have now screwed back into the joint timber, however I would like surface to be flat and level...
  19. M

    Line plywood board upstairs on bedroom floorboards.

    Hi Guys, Currently wanting to relay a new laminate flooring on the upstairs bedrooms, have stripped the old laminate flooring to the floorboards which I have fixed, some were creaking which I have now screwed back into the joint timber, however I would like surface to be flat and level which I...
  20. S

    Paslode im360ci

    Hi folks Just a quick one does anybody know if the Im360ci will shoot normal "D" shaped nails, also I know they have a different gas head fitting could the heads be removed and put on a older style gas as I have a few boxes of nails/gases for my older gun which I would like to use up but don't...