1. TheLevster

    Achieving a render patch match

    I’m looking to repair a crack in some render but I’m not sure how the original finish was achieved. I’ve attached a couple of images, does anyone know how this effect is achieved? I initially thought it was a tyrolean gun finish, but it seems too smooth in between the bumps for that to be the...
  2. Kburrito

    Best way patching holes in plaster (on indoors brick)?

    Hey everyone, Long story short, I got two big patches of plasterboard ripped out either side of the chimney breqst builders opening. I plan to use Thistle base coat (hardwall) into the large patches. After that I plan to apply multifinish coat. Is that okay? Should I also cover the small...
  3. robodelfy

    Patch plaster or feather and paint?

    Hi I've ended up scraping back some loose flakey paintwork in my kitchen and lounge. I'm wondering if I should just sand the edges and paint it, or should I be looking to plaster these patches? The walls aren't exactly perfect everywhere anyway I have some multifinish, can I just skin a bit...
  4. F

    Patching in board and feathering in

    Hi, I’ve just removed a supporting wall which has left some large holes in the ceiling near the rsj. Although I’m happy to skim the full walls the ceiling is enormous so I’m going to have to patch. It’s been a long time since I patched so my question is ..... after I board in the holes and...
  5. D

    Painting new patching plaster

    Can I use water based Zinser 123 primer straight over Wilko Rhino patching plaster? Thanks, Dain
  6. D

    Correct use of PVA when when patching render/skim over mesh.

    I would like to prevent edge contraction cracks when patching in over mesh (over cracks/helical) by using pva, left until tacky before applying render etc? Would this be before render and again before multi? What strength of pva? What ratio render mix? Do I need special sand (I just tend to use...