1. J

    Reconnecting my G/F Radiators using an UFH Manifold

    Won't go into the reasons and much is personal preference but after a full basement dig out which meant all my G/F radiator pipework had to be ripped out, I have decided to reconnect them using an UFH manifold, with one loop for each room. Had enough Pex-Al HDPE pipe for 2 rooms but have one...
  2. S

    Lead Pipe replacement

    Hello I'm having a lead pipe replaced with 25 mm MDPE up to the stop cock After the stop cock what is the best pipe to use. I was thinking 25 mm MDPE has a large bending radius and something more flexible would be beneficial. PEX?? 22 mm??
  3. Mauro Andreini

    Pex sizes 15 - 16 - 1/2"

    I'm about to run water and heating pipes to what is going to be my new studio/garage building and trying to choose the type of pex for the job. I would like to use blue and red for the cold and hot water but I have noticed that it only comes in 1/2" rather than 15mm. Now, as I see pex and...
  4. P

    Pex pipe-boiler: aerial distance

    I am adding radiators to my 2-pipe pumped, vented central heating (UK). The whole piping is copper 22mm and microbore, and I'm extending it with 15mm pex barrier pipe graded for central heating. I know that the first bit of pipes connected to the boiler must be copper, which is the case...
  5. R

    Tips for laying 20mm UFH pipes?

    Hi Anyone got any tips for laying our 20mm PE-RT underfloor heating pipes into aluminium spreader plates (200 mm centres)? Specifically I'm after advice on how to get the pipe to be more flexible. The pipe is really stiff and very difficult to get it to fit around the bends. I'm going to try...