pipe installation

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    TBSE on a very long radiator

    I have a 225cm wide, 45cm high radiator on a standard vented, 8mm microbore two-pipe, fully pumped system. I am getting rid of its old twin entry radiator valve to install a trv, so I need to decide where to position it and the lockshield. Easiest option would be TBSE (top-bottom, same end) on...
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    Inaccessible pipe: clipping vs support

    Hi, I managed to push two 15mm pex pipes through the underfloor space of a second floor. They go (on a straight run between two parallel joists) from a hole in the floorboard (18mm thick) under an existing radiator to another hole in the contiguous room's floorboard, ready to attach a new...
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    Wet Wall Width

    Hi all, I'm discussing with a plumber whether it's possible to replace a bathtub with a shower and storage space but am not doing a very good job of asking the right questions to work out if it's feasible from a space perspective as I don't have the technical terminology. What I'd like to...
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    Gas pipe installation

    we had our meter moved several years ago into our garage. we are now converting our garage to a living space. This meas moving our boiler. I have been in the industry some years and competant in what i do, however gas is another ball game. I would like to install the pipework myself, getting the...