pitched ceiling

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    Ridge beam

    Hi We are in the process of buying a house that got planning permission as a 'conservatory' but as it has opens into the house with no external doors, and has no independent heating it does not meet this criteria and is an extension. We got an architect round who said the timber beam supporting...
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    Bathroom roof insulation

    Hi all, I am looking to internally insulate my bathroom. The bathroom sits above my kitchen under a pitched roof so the space is very limited (see pics). Construction is solid wall with lime plaster so I can chip off the old lime batten and insulate the walls. The problem I am having is the...
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    Noise insulation pitched roof / vaulted ceiling

    Hi. We have opened the ceiling in our living room which had previously the ceiling in 2.4m height, with a normal plasterboard and 10cm mineral/glass fibre mix. The outside noise was less, but still noticeable. We now want to use the full space of the pitched roof to create a vaulted ceiling...