plain tiles

  1. mariogg

    L shaped dormer tiling - inside corners flashing

    I’m tiling the dormer using concrete plain tiles, but I’m stuck on the inside corners. On the outside corners I used the 90° tile corners that come in pairs for left and right but on the inside, what type of flashing do i need? Specific type of soakers? I know you can get inside corner tiles...
  2. Sharky7866

    Help Need Advice

    Hi I had a nightmare project, a extension on my house. The roofer which I hired i had lost a little faith and was working alongside side him to keep an eye out. My concern is the method he chose to butt up against my house with Conrod plain tile, he used a dry soaker, but there are gaps between...
  3. B

    Tilting batten going up verge

    Hi, I'm wondering how I fit a tilting batten or something similar that will kick out the eaves/lowest tile on every row of a dormer cheek going up the pitched roof. If I simply screw a 50mm batten below the horizontal at the same pitch of roof then won't it obstruct the tile further up. Is...
  4. B

    Tiling didnt go to plan. what can i do to rectify

    Hi. I have now started to tile the dormer . I thought I had calculated window positions correctly to correspond with the plain tile edges but with the additional counter battens requested by Building control it now requires a slither of a tile :-( Windows are ordered already so cant change the...