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    Replacing Polypipe P2CTC thermostat with HIVE wiring question

    Hello everyone, I'd like to replace my DUAL channel Programmer made by Polypipe with HIVE mini receiver. I am not sure about the wiring. The old polypipe programmer use 2 AA batteries. HIVE use live wiring (N, L and Ground). Here everything is clear. Polypipe has dual pairing: C1 - Brown...
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    Wet ufh, serpentine, pipe centres, polypipe, floor panel

    Evening all I'll be installing a wet ufh system, my plumber who will comission etc, recommended polypipe's system. When I spoke the PP's tech support I've been recommend the floor panel system. Decided to go this route and also using their ZRU regulation unit. This is going a single room...
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    Nest with Polypipe UFH

    Hi can someone help! Our boiler man has brought in an electrician and both seem to be lost. Is it possible to have a nest setup to work our UFH setup.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our Combi boiler is a Glowworm Ultimate2 35c. We now have 2 two port valves installed after the boiler...
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    Help! Silavent May 202 Replacement (Mayfair?)

    Hello all, I have a Silavent May 202 fan in my bathroom. It was there when I bought the house 3 years ago. The house was built in 1985. Not sure how long its been in there. Its stopped working when you switch the light on. I know that Silavent have discontinued this model and I cant find a...
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    Frost protection for exposed polypipe (to external water tank)

    Hi We are spring water supplied. It's underground MDPE to the base of our external water tank, which is fine. However the final three feet is a vertical 1 1/4 inch polypipe into the top of the tank. This is exposed to the elements. Any advise on frost protection appreciated. Generally if...