1. adamthriver

    Filling a Large Hole in the garden

    Hi everyone, We inherited a very large and deep hole in the garden. It is about 15 meters x 15 meters and about 1.5 meter deep. It was probably dug out with the intention of creating a large pond but just left there. We would like to fill it up so the final thing is a levelled garden, but would...
  2. G

    Pond safety cover from unistrut and threaded rods?

    As the title hopefully. explains, I'm trying to come up with a solution for a pond cover/mesh. This is to prevent my recently born child and his cousins from getting into danger in our garden ponds.Looking online it seems like the recommended max openings for mesh are 80mm x 80mm. It'd be nice...
  3. leaf17

    Laying Patio Over Filled In Pond

    Hi all, I've started working on a 3x6 metre porcelain patio out the back of our house. I've dug out to around 150mm below finished paving level (with 1 in 60 fall away from house) so now ready to get 100mm of MOT type 1 whackered in. There used to be a wee pond about 2x2 metres big to one side...
  4. nichollsjames

    Driveway Double Hardcore

    Can I compact hardcore on top of existing hardcore? About 6 years ago we had our drive hardcore, 30s semi about 14x6m. The area furthest from the house has dipped and we have a pond in wet weather. I dug a channel to a trench and backfilled with gravel to alleviate somewhat, however I intend...
  5. eveares

    When were mains (230V/240V) underwater lights banned?

    I know some very old water fountains use to have mains powered underwater lights. Just wondering what the history is behind when the were banned and made presumably illegal? Regards: Elliott.
  6. Shumit

    Rebate for pond window

    Hi My first post. I am building a pond using sleepers and want to put a pond window in. The window will need a 10cm by 1cm depth x 100cm long rebate in middle of the sleeper . I was wondering what sort of tool would be best to do this. thanks,Shumit
  7. eveares

    Planning permission for Pond 25M x 25M x 4M Deep

    This is purely theoretical, but would one need planning permission to build a natural wild life pond on their own private land that was 25M² and was 4 Meters deep? Would hypothetically be used for wild life, and private open water swimming; and no I do not have access to any such land where...
  8. S

    Garden pond wiring

    Hi all Long time reader, first time poster... I'm about to purchase a pond pump and filter which have a 3 and 5amp fuse rating respectively. I planned to wire these into a fused IP66 switch box next to the pond which will then run to the house. At the moment I have an RCD double socket on the...