pressure release valve

  1. P

    Grant Vortex Pro - Pressure Relief Valve dripping

    Hi, I've got a Grant Vortex Pro combi installed in 2017. I've just noticed that the out let pipe from the PRV is dripping. I've had a plastic bag over it to see how much it is dripping and I would say its a couple of teaspoons over the past 5 hours. Central heating hasn't been on since...
  2. S

    Pressure release inside boiler

    Just added some rads to the system and when I went out to check the external boiler it was sitting in a puddle of water. I realized we must have over-pressurized the system. However when I look inside and the plumber has installed the pressure release pipe inside the boiler. As such when the...
  3. G

    How to fit pressure relief valve

    Hi, how do I fit this, it looks like it needs some more fittings to make it useable like the one already fitted in the picture? Thanks
  4. B

    Ferroli 701 - Pressure Relief Valve passing?

    Hi All I have a Ferroli 701 Optima which leaks water through its CH 3 bar safety pressure relief valve. The water pressure on gauge NEVER goes above 1.2 bar though (with CH on or off). When i do put pressure in the PRV passes and it drop to zero over 10mins. The Pressure Gauge USED to go over...
  5. M

    Shower Pump to powerful???

    Hi I recently had my bathrooms refitted (main bathroom, en-suite and downstairs toilet). I have a gravity fed system, and based on the size of the showerheads (8 inches wide) I was advised to get a 3bar shower pump (by Salamander), however now I find the pressure is really high water is really...
  6. Mark Cross

    HELP NEEDED! IMI Tribune II System....

    Hi, I have just moved into a house a few months ago, there is a large Tribune II upstairs and a Flexicom 30SX down stairs, the pressure on the flexicom drops daily from around 1.4 to 0.5 and needs topping up regularly. I am now to the point I think there is a problem with the Tribune system as...
  7. S

    Pressure Release Valve location - Ariston Undersink Water Heater

    Hi all, my first post. I am installing an undersink water heater in the garage loft. The instructions say the pressure release valve must be on the cold feed and the diagram show it right next the heater, my question is can i install it below the floor. i.e. in the garage below (as drawn) It...
  8. S

    Combi boiler pressure too high?

    We have a combi boiler which is now showing between 2.5 and nearly 3 bar. The pressure release valve is constantly dripping outside. The boiler is all working fine, ie heating the water when needed etc. I also have the central heating to come on every day for about 20 minutes just to keep the...