1. G

    Numatic CVD570 - Replacement Filter Cartridge (MPN 900391)...

    Hello everyone I require a new filter (see attached) for my wet & dry vac; however them seem very expensive at £50 give or take £5. Has anyone been able source these (incl. delivery) for a good price? Kind regards, Gordon
  2. M

    Dry verge and dry ridge quotes: are they reasonable and equivalent?

    Greetings, I am a new, first-time home owner (around 18 months) looking for some advice based on quotes I've received for a dry verge and dry ridge system. During autumn/winter last year I started to notice pink pieces of mortar in the back garden but given the quantity disregarded it as a...
  3. R

    Party wall

    Hi guys, soo my neighbour is building a single story extension after abit of talking we both decided a party wall would be best as we are planning to extend some time in the near future and both agreed we would split the cost of the party wall. we received a quote from there builder today and...
  4. C

    Plumber tells me diverter valve needs changing? Weird humming from boiler when rads turned down

    Hi all, Been having a strange whining/humming noise coming from my boiler. (Combi boiler - Ferroli i25). When the system is on and all radiators are on full heat it works perfectly, however when one is turned down the boiler makes a fairly loud vibrating/whining/straining noise, and when that...
  5. moore005004

    price of new patio

    Hi, I want a patio laying using kandla grey natural stone paving, I will need the old patio and some of the grassed area removed, the area is 32sqm anyone have any rough idea as to how much I will have to budget for to get this done I'm in the UK. Cheers.
  6. eveares

    Is 17p per Kwh expensive for Electricity?

    I am currently paying 17p per Kwh for electricity and to me, that seems rather expensive! Is that the average for the UK these days? I am in the south east if it is any relevance. Regards: Elliott.
  7. MikeStout

    House price with time per construction method

    Timber frame seems to be getting ground and is or will be very soon the most popular construction method in this country. In Scandinavia and the US it is already the case. Still, frankly, I have my doubts. Yet, being a rational person I wonder if there is a rational reason to say that frame...
  8. eveares

    Best place to sell used Electrolux washing machine parts and how much to charge?

    The bearings in the drum of our Electrolux EWG147540W washing machine went recently and our insurance company have since wrote the machine off and are giving us a new Siemens one. As they are taking the old machine away to be recycled (we had to pay £12 for that), I have since taken all the...
  9. P

    Is there a current view regarding Eurocell Ltd. fascias?

    I've been looking around (and on-line) for uPVC roof line products (fascias, soffits and guttering). I've been to Eurocell in Birmingham and their stuff looks very good. However, it seems the highest cost of anything I've managed to find on line. Swish, Freefoam and Wickes all seem to be...
  10. A

    Screwfix price match promise

    I'm shocked. Just got turned down at a screwfix trade counter price match because although the item was the same model, was in stock, was not on offer..etc..etc...they said the other store was more then 10 miles from the canning town screwfix store I was in, when I looked the route they were...
  11. M

    Guttering, facias and downpipe replacement.

    Hi All, I'm just looking for advice on pricing up replacement of our guttering, facias and downpipes. We've had one quote advising that we need 40 metres (seamless aluminium guttering) downpipes and pvc facias and we are looking at a price of £4600. it is a 3 bed detached 8x6mts with 2 bay...