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    Painting Fresh MDF

    I'm about to begin painting a newly built entertainment unit made from Medite (if relevant) MDF. What paints would people use, they'll need to be hard wearing as the kids will also use them for toys. Thanks
  2. R

    Sealing easifill

    I skimmed over part of the wall next to a door with easifill on an area about 20cm x 90cm because it wasn’t level with the door frame. Its a bit softer than skim so I was wondering if there is any way to seal it against moisture and toughen it up a bit before I paint it?
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    Fill in radiator tracks

    Hello, I have taken out radiators in several of our ground floor rooms (will be replaced with an overlay underfloor heating system). There are several lengths of trenches in the screed where the radiator pipes used to run. They are lined with a metal track. What do I need to do to make good on...
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    Question about ceramic tiles straight on to anhydrite screed without priming?

    Hi all, I'm currently going through an extension build. It's 56 sqm to be used as a kitchen / utility / dining area. We had poured screed put down on the 4th August. It had something added to it to promote quick drying (could be walked on in 48 hours). It has wet UFH underneath it. The...
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    Fix drywall painting disaster

    I had a team of "professionals" repaint the drywalls of a newly-purchased house. A few days after they completed the work, two kinds of defects appeared on the walls, in a large number of different spots. The first kind (depicted below) is the paint looking either depressed or protruded over...
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    Bathroom subfloor questions

    I know this gets asked a lot but I couldn't find a thread discussing the exact points I'm confused about. I'm refurbing a small (1.4 x 2.4m) shower room. The fitter has proposed the following for the subfloor: - 18mm moisture resistant chipboard screwed to the joists at 250mm centres, with...