pump not running

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    F22 Dry error after power cut

    Last night we had a power cut. I woke up to our British Gas 330+ showing a F22 Dry error. The pump (Grundfos Alpha 2) has no lights on it, so either it’s been damaged (by the power cut?) or there is no power running to it. I cannot locate a fuse dedicated to the pump - it appears to be hard...
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    Central heating pump not running - how to test?

    Hi all, This morning my boiler locked out with F22 (dry) and keeps locking out when reset for both HW and CH. I suspect it may be the pump as I cant hear it running anymore when the programmer switches on. The boiler still fires up but faults on F22. How can I check the pump and might it be...
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    Washing Machine will not empty - Electrical fault

    Hotpoint WMA9 Washing Machine. The machine will fill and wash, but not empty. The pump runs ok when connected directly to 230V mains. There is no sound from the pump when the machine should be emptying. There are no hose blockages, because the drum drains quickly under gravity, and the...